“hue plus”- where the food experts gather in TOKYO

  Tokyo is known as one of the world's best food city. To become the leading trend setter in the food scene, we produced the “hue plus”studio  with 4 main concepts to attract all food experts. Our unique but comfortable studio is degisned by the famous Japanese architect, Mr. Jo Nagasaka (Schemata Architects).

1) 9 Different-style of Kitchen Studios

We provide 9 different studios which we match to our clients’ requirements.  
They vary by size, function, equipment,  and decor.  No other food image company can offer this level of versatility in Japan. 

2) Kitchen Tool Inventory 

We offer a comprehensive collection of kitchen and food preparation tools.

3) Food Library

Our collection contains food books from all over the world and is organized  with a variety of indexes to facilitate research. 

4) Cafe Laboratory

With the concept of “everybody’s kitchen”, this place is known as the symbol of our company.  We do weekend workshops and events related to food going beyond photography and video into live action events.